Live like a citizen of God's Kingdom—here and now.

Does this sound like you? You go to church and attend a small group. You read the Bible and pray. You try to help your neighbors and serve others. You’re living the good life. But it feels like something’s missing.

Jesus invites us to something greater—life as citizens in God’s Kingdom! Through Practicing the King’s Economy, you’ll discover new ways to live out the Kingdom in your daily life at home, work, and church.

Practicing the King's Economy Book Cover

Praise for Practicing the King’s Economy

“Beautifully exegeted. Practicing the King’s Economy reintroduces a wide-ranging, timeless, and distinctive approach to economics that only the body of Christ can display.”

K. A. Ellis, fellow for World Christianity; Reformed Theological Seminary

“This book is an incredibly helpful tool for all Christians who desire to live a countercultural life for the common good, especially as it relates to their money and resources.”

Gabe Lyons, coauthor Good Faith, founder of Q

“Michael Rhodes, Robby Holt, and Brian Fikkert have written a compelling book of ‘practical theology.' Their testimonies, grown out of their own experiences, will be life-giving for any reader who cares about economic neighborliness.”

Walter Brueggemann, professor emeritus at Columbia Theological Seminary; author
of The Prophetic Imagination

“I love the six keys that apply Scripture and can unlock a deeper and more meaningful encounter with God. If your checkbook has been the most significant book in your life, then you need to read Practicing the King’s Economy.”

Krish Kandiah, founder of Home for Good; author of God is Stranger

“Here is a model of economic discipleship that doesn’t just tell you what to think but how to practice your way into living a kingdom economics. Here is a book that refuses idealism but is fueled by resurrection hope.”

James K.A. Smith, Calvin College; author of You Are What You Love

“Simply wonderful, solidly biblical, marvelously practical. This book charts a clear path through one of the greatest challenges (and failures) of the American church. A must-read.”

Ron Sider, author of Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger

Through This Book, You’ll Learn:

Why the economy of this world leaves us feeling anxious, depressed, and dissatisfied.

Six keys to Jesus’ economy—and practical, innovative ways you can live them out in your work, church, family, and home.

Principles and practices that will move your heart away from materialism—and toward a richer understanding of your place in God’s Kingdom.

How to experience deeper meaning and purpose as you live out your faith in new ways.

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Meet the Authors

Michael Rhodes

Michael Rhodes

Michael Rhodes is the director of community development and an instructor at the Memphis Center for Urban Theological Studies, where he heads up efforts to equip urban pastors and community development practitioners with theologically informed tools for community transformation.

Robby Holt

Robby Holt

Robby Holt is the senior pastor at North Shore Fellowship in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and teacher and theological dean for the Chattanooga Institute for Faith and Work. He teaches theology of work and New Testament courses for the Chattanooga Fellows Initiative.

Brian Fikkert

Brian Fikkert

Brian Fikkert is the founder and president of the Chalmers Center for Economic Development at Covenant College, where he also serves as a professor of economics and community development. He is the coauthor of several books, including When Helping Hurts and From Dependence to Dignity.